SentriLock and the Regional Lockbox Consortium with Nicole Schlosser and Mark Feinroth

There are significant changes coming to the lockbox space. In a recent episode of Maryland REALTORS® Let’s Get Real Estate Podcast host Chuck Kasky is joined by SentriLock’s Vice President of Operations and General Counsel, Nicole Schlosser, and Maryland REALTORS®’ Director of Political Advocacy, Mark Feinroth, to discuss the history of the Regional Lock Box Consortium (RLC), the present and the future of lockboxes.

SentriLock is the lockbox provider for Maryland REALTORS and Nicole Schlosser has spent 20 plus years at a Fortune 100 company leading various operations teams before joining SentriLock in February of 2021.

Nicole discusses the new lockboxes just rolled out this year and the latest advancements in technology and safety features, accessing lockboxes in remote areas, and updates on how the pandemic has affected the supply chain.

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