SentriKey Showing Service Frequently Asked Questions


What is the SentriKey™ Showing Service?

The SentriKey Showing Service is the first and only all-in-one solution for managing showings, client communication and property access. It is an optional, subscription-based service that associations and MLSs offer to their members. This unique service is an innovative, easy-to-use, and feature-rich alternative to current showing service offerings in the market. 

Why has SentriLock developed a Showing Service?

For some time now, we have been asked by our customers to add a showing service solution that integrates seamlessly with our lockbox system. With few showing service options on the market due to recent acquisitions, the time is right for SentriLock to offer REALTOR® Associations and MLSs more choice by introducing a fully integrated system designed with the needs of REALTORS® in mind. 

Who can purchase SentriKey Showing Service? Do I have to sign a contract to join the service?

The SentriKey Showing Service can only be purchased by a REALTOR® Association or MLS. Once the organization contracts to receive the service, it is available to all its members through the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app and website. Users can upgrade to a higher level of service for an additional fee that is paid directly by the individual. 

How is SentriKey Showing Service different from the other showing service solutions? What are the key features?

SentriLock has combined the industry’s premier lockbox with a feature-filled showing service that gives real estate professionals a fully integrated showing experience. Agents will utilize the same SentriKey Real Estate mobile app (or website) for the showing service that many currently use to open lockboxes and manage showings. It’s one platform. One solution. 

SentriKey Showing Service key features allow you to:


  • Experience full integration with the lockbox and access ecosystem
  • Schedule and manage showings from a simple dashboard
  • Reschedule showings automatically through SAM, SentriLock’s virtual assistant
  • Manage your day “on the go” with the mobile app
  • Maintain your calendar and client roster
  • Receive showing requests, property details, and notifications
  • Share listings, trends, and marketplace data
  • Build a daily showing itinerary – with driving routes
  • Communicate easily with clients via a dedicated client mobile app
  • Access listing details and schedule showings from within the MLS
  • Select the optional call center support to manage scheduling
  • Easily grant secure, temporary home access to vendors like home inspectors and appraisers
  • Restrict access to properties based on confirmed, scheduled showings, if desired
  • Easily work with teams – scheduling showings, accessing calendars, and more  

Are there multiple tiers of service?

Yes, there are three tiers of service available. The association or MLS subscribes to the option that best meets their needs. Members can upgrade in order to access higher tiers of service. 

MLS Integration

This tier of service provides members of associations a deep link into their MLS provider to request and schedule showings through a web interface. This tier also includes single showings and our multi-route itinerary function, along with robust listing activity reporting. 

Select Service

Our most popular tier provides all the robust features agents need to quickly and effectively schedule and manage showings through our website or our feature-­filled mobile app. Users enjoy a direct link with clients to recommend listings, receive property feedback, and share market data. Additionally, SAM, the SentriKey Assistant for Mobile, keeps agents organized by automatically rescheduling showings, and notifies you when a showing is about to start, along with drive time to your appointment.

Premium Service 

Individual users can upgrade to our Premium Service. This level offers subscribers all the benefits of Select Service AND provides access to our call center, which is staffed with highly trained professionals who will facilitate the entire scheduling process for a listing agent, including rescheduling and managing cancelled showings.

Am I required to be a lockbox customer to use SentriKey Showing Service?

Our initial focus is to provide SentriKey Showing Service to our current lockbox system customers. However, SentriLock plans to make the service available to associations and MLSs who do not use our lockbox services in 2021.

Where can I find pricing?

You will be surprised at how affordable and competitive the pricing is with other showing service providers. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at 

How do I get started with SentriKey Showing Service?

Associations and MLSs can schedule a demo or learn more about subscribing to the SentriKey Showing Service by clicking below to receive a personalized demo.


Does SentriKey Showing Service integrate with my MLS?

Yes, the service will integrate with MLSs. Users will have the ability to click on a “Schedule Showing” button and connect with the SentriKey Showing Service platform.

What initial and on-going training and support is available with the service?

Comprehensive onboard training will be available to association subscribers and their members. Ongoing training tools such as collateral, videos and webinars will also be available to users.