SentriGuard® Lockbox

The most reliable, easiest to use, and smartest electronic lockbox on the planet


Think you’ve seen everything a lockbox can do? Think again.

The SentriGuard® lockbox is packed with innovative firsts and provides a level of security significantly above other products, all based on 18 years of engineering experience and customer feedback. SentriLock sets the standard – and we continually raise it to provide the best property access solutions for REALTORS® and their clients.


New and Enhanced Features Summary

  • Significantly longer battery life with built-in battery backup
  • Enlarged drop-down key bin for easy storage and retrieval
  • High attack resistance and durability
  • Controlled access from 30 minutes to 31 days with FlexCodes™
  • Highly accurate internal time clock to control access times
  • Bluetooth® 5.1 for fast operation and data transfers
  • 2-second unlocking with NFC-enabled Touch-N-Show®
  • Environmentally friendly


Improved Battery Lifespan and Includes a Backup Battery

The SentriGuard® lockbox battery uses the latest in advanced battery technology, resulting in a long and nearly maintenance-free lifespan.

  • Consumes significantly less power during operation, extending usable battery life to up to 10 years
  • Primary battery can perform as many as 8,700 operations
  • Built-in backup battery capable of several hundred operations
  • Improved low temperature performance
  • Minimum battery storage shelf life of 10 years


Bigger Key Bin

The large 9.5 cubic-inch key bin storage volume is twice the size of SentriLock’s previous-generation lockbox.

  • Holds more keys securely, including many automotive key fobs, European-style “Chubb” keys, and access cards such as HID cards
  • Key bin remains in the housing and can be relocked easily by simply pushing it up
  • Fabrication process allows for tighter manufacturing tolerances, resulting in fewer pry points


Faster Wireless Capabilities

The SentriGuard® lockbox uses the latest Bluetooth® LE 5.1 specification for quicker, more reliable wireless connectivity.

  • Faster transmittal speeds – up to 2X the speed of BLE 4.0 (chipset is backward-compatible to Bluetooth LE 4.0)
  • Improved antenna allows better communication range and interference management from WiFi and other Bluetooth® devices



FlexCodes™ – the most versatile controlled access technology in the industry – are a robust replacement for SentriLock’s One Day Code and Contractor Codes.

  • Easy and secure access for every situation
  • Access can be granted for any future date and range from 30 minutes to 31 days, starting and ending on any hour or half-hour
  • Up to four unique codes with identical start and end times can be generated with their access history tracked independently
  • Up to 16 FlexCodes™ with overlapping active time periods can be in use on a single lockbox at one time
  • More than 67 million non-repeating, self-expiring authorization codes unique to each lockbox
  • One-time, non-time dependent emergency access codes
  • Can be designated for key bin access or shackle release


Interested in learning more about what the SentriGuard® can do for you? Contact one of our sales representatives here!