Introducing Office Dashboard, the Latest Innovation from SentriKey Showing Service®

While many might know SentriLock as the company who helps REALTORS® make sales, we like to think of ourselves as a tech company with the agent at heart. The concept of our offerings might not be new, as people have been making lockboxes and using homebuying technology for some time now. But the innovative nature of our solutions that solves problems and saves time in ways no one else’s can? That’s all us. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new feature to our SentriKey Showing Service® platform, the Office Dashboard.

REALTORS® will achieve the most success when they can focus their time and attention to doing what they do best out in the field, and office administrators play a crucial role in making this possible. Unfortunately, although there are numerous tasks that need to be accomplished to keep agents performing, most administrators spend a great deal of time tediously scheduling appointments. In fact, some administrators for larger offices frequently end up scheduling over 50% of customers’ appointments, an increasingly daunting task the larger the office.

With the new Office Dashboard, administrators can easily schedule appointments directly through the SentriKey Showing Service. Office administrators can effectively manage the schedule and calendar for their entire office or multiple offices, even confirming, canceling or adjusting appointments.

Office Dashboard is just the latest in a list of innovative features offered by SentriKey Showing Service that helps REALTORS® say organized and focused on delivering outstanding service to clients. With a complete showing management solution including lockbox integration, driving route and daily itinerary planning, delivered with support of the industry’s first AI-based virtual assistant, and backed by the National Association of REALTORS®, SentriKey Showing Service is the secret weapon helping agents juggle the needs of their many clients and deliver top notch results.

For more details, view the Office Dashboard PDF from our Product Briefs Page.


Office Dashboard feature