“Providing outstanding customer focus is one of our guiding values at SentriLock, and, as such, at the heart of everything we do. Each month, we’d like to honor one of our dedicated and professional Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) who contribute to making our customer service the best in the business.”
                                 – Scott Richardson, General Manager at SentriLock, LLC

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.15.30 PMIn the ten years that Nate Winston has been with SentriLock, he has seen the company transform from its infancy stage to the multinational corporation it is today. Beginning with the company as a level one support technician, Nate has worked his way up through the ranks, and now serves as a Customer Relationship Manager, including working with clients in Europe.

“As a Customer Relationship Manager, I wear a lot of hats,” Nate says. “I talk with the customers on a daily basis, and serve as their personal advocate.” He says the skills he’s developed as a CRM have made him not only better at his job, but also as a presenter and overall communicator.

“I need to adapt my communication skills for each customer, because they’re all different,” he remarks. “Our product is being used differently in the European market. Even though I have great product knowledge from being with the company for ten years, I have to adjust applications for the way my customers are using the product, including applications in healthcare and other emerging markets.”

Nate values the investment and dedication SentriLock shows to its employees, including their on-site gym, generous 401(K) and PTO programs, which benefit not only the staff, but their families as well.

When he’s not working, Nate enjoys traveling and helping people in need through missionary work. He has voyaged to Trinidad and will be visiting Costa Rica this year. He enjoys learning about and trying different beers and can often be found spending weekends on underground tours in Cincinnati with his wife and friends, learning about the brewing process and tasting a few samples. On a recent customer visit to Portland, he was able to use his down time to tour Rogue Brewery Company that even had a beer named “Nate.”

As for his future, Nate looks forward to growing and advancing his career in a SentriLock corporate culture that values promoting from within. “I want to continue to work on the quality of innovation, growing my career and the company by focusing on the customers in different markets and learning even more ways our product can be utilized,” he says. “SentriLock continues to encourage growth and advancement in its employees and provides opportunities to develop the necessary skills and qualifications. I am looking forward to an amazing future.”

Thank You Nate for your dedication & service to SentriLock.