Meet Jen Crail, Customer Relationship Manager

pictureIt’s time to shine the spotlight on our wonderful and talented Customer Relationship Manager, Jen! Jen joined the SentriLock team seven years ago, starting as a Customer Service Rep, then transitioning to Floor Lead, and finally landing her present role as a CRM in October of 2015. Jen is a 2012 Platinum Service Award Recipient. This is an honor awarded to those that go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. As a CRM, Jen is a go-to person for our customers to reach out to when they are having an issue or need a question answered. “I love being able to build relationships with my customers,” Jen said. “I love that I get to talk with people each day and create close-knit relationships with them. I really enjoy connecting with everyone on a personal level and getting to know them beyond just business.” SentriLock believes it’s of the utmost importance for our CRMs to be passionate about their jobs, and Jen fully encompasses that. She regularly goes above and beyond in order to help her customers, to develop trusting relationships with them, and is a pro at thinking innovatively and outside the box in order to solve issues.

In addition to being awesome at her job, Jen is also a wonderful co-worker. SentriLock places a lot of emphasis on growing a positive company culture, and Jen supports that as one of our SentriSocial Committee members. As a member, she takes part in brainstorming and planning what kind of company events will take place each year. She also is our resident sweet-tooth satisfier. Jen loves to bake and bring all kinds of goodies to the SentriLock office, such as mouth-watering peanut butter pies and her trademark Fruity Pebbles cookies. None of her treats seem to linger in our kitchen for very long.

Jen is looking forward to many more years to come at SentriLock, and is excited to continue to grow not only in personality, but also within the company. Jen admits to being a quiet, soft-spoken person before she took the CRM role, and was happy to realize that the role has forced her to become more outspoken and comfortable with getting to know people on a personal level. Way to go, Jen! We’re so happy you’re a part of the SentriLock family.