SentriGuard® Lockbox is a Step Above the Rest

When clients entrust their homes and all their valuables to a REALTOR®, they don’t think about the lockbox on their door that holds the key to their kingdom.  Some homeowners have anxiety about selling their home and opening it up to a bunch of strangers.  This fear can become a reality if it is not protected with a reliable lockbox.

Over the years there has been an uptick in theft due to individuals posing as homebuyers and watching REALTORS® punch in the lockbox code.  Denver7 reported thieves breaking into homes using real estate lockboxes.  Some REALTORS® share the mechanical lockbox code information, this creates a security risk.  Another problem with substandard lockboxes is durability.  Off the shelf lockboxes are built with cheaper materials, which make them easy to destroy with a hammer or cut off with bolt cutters.

Today’s SentriGuard® Lockbox is built to last with the world’s highest security rating.  Our new technology is engineered with corrosion-resistant steel and the shackle is bolt-cutter resistant.  It also has a long battery life; no embarrassing showings where you can’t get into a home because the lockbox battery is dead.  You can show a home with confidence and ease with a SentriGuard® Lockbox.

The best part is our safety features, access to the lockbox is provided through our SentriKey App.  This can be used with both Bluetooth® and a non-Bluetooth® lockboxes. Only the listing agent has the authority to provide an access code to the property.  By creating a one-time code, this prevents a security issue if someone is hovering watching you punch in the lockbox code.  This information is tracked within the SentriKey® App so you know who and when someone has entered the property.

Your client’s home is their most important asset, so why not be assured that it is safe with a SentriGuard® Lockbox?


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