Lockbox Conversion Made Easy

You may be asking yourself, why make the switch? Today’s real estate landscape demands advanced solutions. Legal and ethical legislation, access accountability, time-bound access, and physical box penetration requirements are just a few challenges that necessitate the next generation lockbox. SentriLock tackles these issues and more, ensuring your focus remains on selling real estate, not on gaining property access. Our managed secured access is always on, always accessible—it’s as seamless as breathing.

At SentriLock, we understand that change can be intimidating, especially when transitioning to a new lockbox system. But rest assured, we are here to make this process as smooth and supportive as possible. Our goal is to help agents embrace this change with confidence and ease.

Our hands-on training sessions help agents feel comfortable using our lockboxes. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate everyone, making the learning process smooth and stress-free. Our team is always available to support you and address any concerns during the transition.

To illustrate how smooth our process is, here’s a story from the Williamsburg Multiple Listing Service (WMLS) association, who recently went through an implementation with SentriLock:

I am a veteran agent, so I’ve been through two lockbox exchanges myself, and neither were pleasant. There was a lot of anxiety, especially with our fairly new staff, who had never experienced anything like this. But when your team came into our office, everything calmed. They were phenomenal—confident, knowledgeable, and they put everyone at ease very quickly. I’ve dealt with a ton of companies, and when I tell you your customer service knocks it out of the park—you guys knock it out of the park.

Change doesn’t have to be daunting. With SentriLock, it’s a step towards a more secure, innovative, and user-friendly future. Trust our process, lean on our support, and experience a smooth, stress-free conversion.