Let the Industry’s First AI-based Virtual Assistant Keep You on Schedule

So much of a day in the life of a REALTOR® is spent on the tedious and time-consuming tasks that are part of the real estate sales process. You need to do them to build your business, but they can really take your focus away from what you do best – selling. That’s why we created the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-based virtual assistant: SAM™, the SentriKey™ Assistant for Mobile.

As part of the SentriKey Showing Service®, SAM™ automatically keeps your day running smoothly and reschedules showings so you can skip the back-and-forth of unnecessary phone calls and texts.

“Something we tried to get to the bottom of very early in the showing service development process is, essentially, what is the value of a showing service,” said Devin Beck, SentriLock Director of Revenue, in the April 21, 2021, Listing Bits podcast. “It’s a productivity tool to make the components of your life a little bit easier, so some of the things that we focused on were purely around that.

“One thing you can’t get back is time, so if we can give you 30 minutes to an hour a week back, that’s where a service like this really justifies itself,” Beck said. SAM™ is just one of the showing service features designed to give you more time back in your schedule.

SAM™ Has You Covered

Once enabled in the easy smartphone app, SAM™ will help streamline and manage your day with key features like Leave Now and Reschedule Itinerary.

Leave Now: Via a push notification, SAM™ reminds you when it’s time to leave for your next appointment, factoring in drive time and traffic patterns. For example, if your next appointment starts at 2 p.m., with a 20-minute drive time, you’ll get a prompt to leave your current location at 1:30 p.m.

Reschedule Itinerary: With one touch of a button, SAM™ cancels any appointments on listings that have gone pending and reschedules any remaining appointments on that scheduled itinerary. SAM™ manages all the back-and-forth responses and lets you know when the itinerary is updated.

SAM™ will be your can’t-live-without virtual assistant, tracking your appointments and offering to adjust your day on the fly. Drive up to a property that doesn’t meet your client’s expectations? Need to reschedule an appointment? Stuck in traffic and have to reroute to your next showing? Wham, bam, SAM™. She’s got you covered.




SentriKey Showing Service®: The Comprehensive Solution

First previewed in 2020, SentriKey Showing Service® is now available as a trusted and secure solution for current SentriLock customers; it will be available to all MLSs and associations in Q3 2021. The showing service solution helps real estate professionals stay organized, spend more time selling, and deliver great experiences to buyers and sellers. SentriLock is a trusted solution of the National Associations of REALTORS® and its Official Lockbox Solution,

With the industry’s only combined lockbox and showing service, real estate professionals can:

  • Find suitable properties and send them to their client
  • Schedule and manage showings from a simple dashboard
  • Build a daily itinerary
  • Get the driving route
  • Review the properties’ listing details
  • Open the lockbox
  • View showing instructions and property details
  • Solicit client feedback
  • Rate properties
  • And so much more


See how the combined lockbox and showing service solution can power your day.



SentriKey Showing Service® requires a subscription by an association or MLS for the service to be available to its members. SAM™ is available at the Premium and Select tiers of the SentriKey Showing Service®.