People are drawn to the real estate business for many reasons, including the opportunity to make an attractive income, be their own boss, have a flexible schedule, and help families find their dream homes. But being a real estate professional isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s a career that’s subject to circumstances often beyond the agent’s control. Because the economy drives the market, everything filters down from there: market conditions and availability, pricing, seller confidence, buyer demand.

Beyond these outside factors, agents have to juggle a wide variety of roles that require expertise and finesse such as prospector, marketer, administrator, salesperson, counselor, negotiator, and more. They’re often expected to perform these roles with the patience of a saint and the endurance of an Olympic athlete. And, to top it all off, they’re working without the certainty of a paycheck. Success can sometimes feel like a Herculean feat.

And yet, there are top producers who have learned how to spend more of their time selling and creating great customer experiences that result in highly satisfied clients, referral upon referral, and top-dollar commissions. How do they do it? What do they know and do that other agents don’t?

A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Professional

Let’s take a look at a typical agent and their day. A real estate professional with three to five years of experience typically works 36 hours per week (Source: 2020 “Member Profile,” National Association of REALTORS®) and is constantly on the go. They personally manage the majority of responsibilities on the buying/selling continuum, from lead generation to closing follow-up.

Depending on the number of clients they’re representing, the sales cycle status for each client, market conditions, and other variables, an agent’s day can begin in the morning and extend into the early evening. At times, when markets are competitive and offers are being managed, the job can be all-consuming and seven days a week.

And where is this business being managed? From the comfort of an office with everything readily available for reference? No. More often than not, an agent is conducting business directly from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Switching back and forth between apps that don’t connect to one another. While sitting in the driver’s seat of their car. Dealing with complexities and changes while on the road is the norm and can be stressful.

A Time-Consuming and Dynamic Ecosystem

So much of the real estate process is manual, time-consuming, mobile, with change being the only constant. Even the most organized real estate professional can become overwhelmed and have difficulty keeping track of everything. At any given time, an agent is relying on more than six different technologies and systems for showing service management, client communication, and access management solutions – critical areas of focus for a successful real estate business.

Top producers understand that having the proper focus and the right tools enable them to concentrate on the most important part of the real estate cycle, which can make all the difference between a moderate and high level of success and income. What do top producers do that other agents don’t?

Learn the Secret to Their Success …

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