July 2015


1. After replacing the batteries in the NXT and The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox, keep the key compartment open and go through the steps of opening the door to ensure the motor turns and the lockbox has power before actually closing the door.

2. If using a one day code or a mobile access code and the lockbox does not respond by pressing the ENT button on the lockbox keypad, insert a plastic card such as a credit card or driver’s license into the card slot on the lockbox. This will wake the lockbox up. Once the lockbox wakes up, remove the card from the box, press the ENT button on the keypad, and use the code as normal.

3. If you have trouble at the lockbox, call SentriLock Support for troubleshooting instead of the lockbox owner. Often times, SentriLock Support can help you resolve the issue or assist you in getting access to the lockbox. You can reach SentriLock Support at 513-618-5800.

4. If you do not like your current PIN (Personal Identification Number), you can change it using the SentriCard® Utility and a SentriCard® Reader. You must log into this software at a computer and click on the Change PIN icon.