Learn how to grant SentriConnect® access with the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app.


REALTORS®, introducing the new and improved SentriConnect! Our app allows SentriLock lockbox owners to grant secure, time-controlled access to their properties. SentriConnect will inform the listing agent who specifically accessed the property – and when.

How to Grant Access

Here’s how to grant temporary lockbox access:

  1. Launch SentriKey® Real Estate
  2. Tap the Hamburger Menu
  3. Select the “My Lockboxes”, then choose the lockbox to which you’d like to provide access. Note: the lockbox must be assigned to a listing to grant SentriConnect access.
  4. Select “Grant SentriConnect”
  5. Enter SentriConnect user’s email address, select the date range and the Start and End time for access.
  6. After the information is entered, select “Grant Access” and enter your PIN
  7. You will receive a success message confirming that access was granted.
  8. You may go to the “message” tab to review or revoke lockbox accesses.

By granting access to a specific individual, code sharing is eliminated. In fact, there is no authorization code or PIN number required! Everything, including lockbox access, is controlled and recorded directly through the SentriKey Real Estate app. This provides an additional layer of security and control—and makes a full suite of information available to you.

Listing Agent Features

Listing Agents can:

  • Grant temporary access up to 14 days in advance and for up to 14 consecutive days.
  • Receive instant notification when the granted individual accesses the property.
  • Manage and revoke access before it has started

SentriConnect provides more information than ever before, resulting in more security, control, and peace of mind!

Want to know more about our award-winning real estate mobile app? Visit our SentriConnect® page for more information.