How SentriLock Is Driving the Future of the Real Estate Industry

Whether you’re traveling from appointment to appointment, working on comps at home, or taking a walk around the block, don’t go it alone. Power up a podcast to get the latest news on what’s happening in the real estate industry – and learn how SentriLock is delivering lockbox, showing service, and experience management solutions designed to move your business forward. Take a listen now to these timely talks featuring SentriLock CEO and Founder Scott Fisher and Director of Revenue Devin Beck.

How to Utilize Data From Your Showings

Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast, 5-8-21

“The showing data is incredibly important in giving you that kind of minute-by-minute view of what’s happening in the marketplace.”–Scott Fisher

There’s power in the data. Mike Cuevas (aka the Real Estate Marketing Dude) talks with Fisher about the business of showing data – and how it can help you differentiate your business from the competition. Fisher shares which data is important to keep track of and how to use it to position yourself uniquely when talking to clients. Learn, too, about the difference between buyer and seller showing data, and how to leverage that data to meet their specific needs. PLUS: Learn what today’s market data can help you know what’s on the horizon.

The Future of Real Estate Agent Showings

Keeping It Real podcast, 4-30-21

“What we’re trying to do is give agents more time with their clients so they’re not worrying about all those administrative tasks that they have to do. We’re trying to provide a little relief so they can be more efficient with how they perform showings on properties.”–Scott Fisher

Fisher, “the man behind the technology,” discusses SentriLock’s competitive solutions in the lockbox and showing service marketplace and how its best-in-class technology provides the ultimate level of security and enhances agent productivity. He shares his thoughts about the unique features, including an industry-first AI-based virtual assistant, that make the recently launched SentriKey Showing Service® a top-shelf solution for managing showings, property access, and client communication. He also provides insight about the future of showing service interoperability and the importance of platform choice for MLSs, Associations, and their members.

A New Player in Showing Services

Listing Bits podcast, 4-21-21

“One thing people can’t get back is time, so if we can give them 30 minutes to an hour a week back, that’s where a service like this really justifies itself.”–Devin Beck

In this episode, Fisher and Beck share why the company is moving into the showing service space and how property technology consolidation has accelerated industry interest in the SentriKey Showing Service® ­­solution.

They discuss the company’s approach to entering a new market featuring a dominant player, and describe how the company’s partnership with the National Association of REALTORS® and its commitment to customer service distinguish SentriLock from the competition. Get the inside story on the unique features of the showing service solution and how it can help you spend more time doing what you do best – selling and delivering great client experiences.

BONUS READ! The Future of Smart, Safe Showings

NAR REALTOR® Magazine, May-June 2021
“Our goal for the real estate space is ultimately to become vendor- and hardware-agnostic.”–Scott Fisher

Given the proliferation of keyless smart locks in the residential marketplace, is your REALTOR® electronic lockbox still needed for showing access? Absolutely. Fisher notes that electronic lockbox technology is evolving quickly and discusses the advantages that electronic lockboxes offer to real estate professionals and consumers beyond enabling entry to a listing. Learn why these electronic lockboxes are more important than ever and why SentriLock is paving the way for integration with other smart lock products.


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