Home Pre-sale Safety Checklist

It’s a seller’s market and people are paying top dollar for homes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a stressful time for your client. Potential buyers will be entering the home, so it is important that the property is secured.

Here is a home pre-sale safety checklist REALTORS® should review with their clients prior to putting it on the market.

  1. Walk through the home with your client to identify what needs to be removed or secured.
  2. Talk about the screening process with your client:
    – What is the process for identifying and qualifying buyers for showings?
    – Is there a screening process to identify who is entering and exiting the home?
    – Homeowner’s safety procedures during a showing
  3. Review the home’s entries and exits to assure the home is secure while on the market.
  4. Go over instructions to share with other agent on how to secure the home after each showing.
  5. Be sure to instruct sellers to NEVER show their home on their own. Always make sure an agent is screening potential buyers to keep homeowners safe.

SentriLock provides a lot of these tools right in the SentriKey® Real Estate app.  Security begins with our durable, secure lockboxes built to withstand just about anything.  Security and safety should never be an add-on, they are in the forefront of our app and are not an added cost.

REALTORS® get instant notifications at the start and finish of a showing, the app provides reporting, so clients know who has entered and left the property.  Property listing details, including safety procedures to properly secure the home after a showing, can all be viewed in the SentriKey® Real Estate app.

On the agent side a built-in safety check-in feature can be enabled for peace of mind when hosting an open house or during a showing.  This feature gives regular check-ins with the user to assure they are safe at the property.

With SentriLock, safety is a priority for both REALTORS® and their clients.

For more tips on REALTOR® safety visit nar.realtor/safety/safety-articles.