General Information

  • SentriSmart™ is a mobile application, allowing access to a lockbox with the use of a mobile device instead of a SentriCard®. Users have the ability to use SentriSmart™ to:  open the key compartment of a lockbox, release the shackle, view lockbox access logs, assign lockboxes to a listing address and generate 1 day codes for their lockboxes.
  • In order to install the SentriSmart™ application onto your device, SentriSmart™ must be enabled by your Association, and the mobile device will need to have an operating system of iOS 8 or higher.
  • Upon first use of the SentriSmart™ application, you will need to register your mobile device by entering your SentriLock ID and password. You will use the same ID and password you would use to login to the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site or the SentriCard® Utility.
  • SentriSmart™ users must also agree to the license before the application can be used. Agreeing to this license means that you are taking responsibility for any accesses generated through the application from your mobile device. Mobile accesses are treated just like SentriCard® accesses and will be displayed in the lockbox access log this way.
  • In order to use most functions within SentriSmart™, you will still need to enter your PIN. Please make sure you are aware of your PIN before you plan to use the SentriSmart™ application.  You can view your PIN on the card carrier sheet that you receive with your SentriCard®.
  • You will also need to have the location services enabled on your mobile device’s in order to use the SentriSmart™ application. If it is not enabled, SentriSmart™ will prompt you to do so once it is opened.
  • When using the SentriSmart™ application, you do not need to insert your SentriCard® into the lockbox you are trying to access, but it is important to keep your SentriCard® with you. This will give you an alternate way of accessing lockboxes if you are outside your mobile device’s service area with the SentriSmart™ application.
  • If your mobile device loses its connection and is out of service, the SentriSmart™ application will switch into the off-line mode if you are not connected to a Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox. When your device is in this mode, you can retrieve a mobile renewal code. You will need your SentriCard® to use this code at a lockbox.  If you are in an area without service but are trying to connect to a Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox, you will be able to do so with only a Bluetooth® connection.