The lockbox system requires Agents to renew their SentriCard® within a certain time frame or renewal period. The renewal period can help to protect against lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised cards. If an Agent loses their SentriCard®, it will stop working after it expires. You cannot access a lockbox with an expired SentriCard®, but you can renew an expired SentriCard®.

To renew a SentriCard®, you need access to a computer with a SentriCard® Reader and the SentriCard® Utility. You can use the following instructions to renew your SentriCard® with the SentriCard® Utility:

  1. Insert your SentriCard® into the SentriCard® Reader.
  2. The SentriCard® Utility will appear with the Login page.
  3. The SentriCard® Utility will detect the SentriCard® owner’s ID and fill in the SentriLock ID Enter your Password into the Password field.
  4. Press the Click to Login button to login to the SentriCard® Utility.
  5. After logging in, press the Renew SentriCard® button (top, left side of the Main Menu). During the renewal process, the access information from your SentriCard® will be sent to the SentriLock Server. This access information tells the SentriLock Server what lockboxes you accessed with your card. Here is some of the information that the SentriCard® Utility sends to the SentriLock Server:
    1. Information about any lockboxes the SentriCard® has taken ownership of.
    2. Information about lockbox access times. For example, what SentriCards® accessed a given lockbox.
    3. Information about SentriCard® access times. For example, what lockboxes did the SentriCard® access.
  6. When the SentriCard® Utility finishes updating your SentriCard®, it displays a green line across the top of the page that says SentriCard® Utility Status: Connected.
  7. You can remove your SentriCard® from the SentriCard® Reader at this point. It is now ready for use.
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