Note: SentriConnect has to be enabled by the association before being allowed to use the SentriConnect feature with Bluetooth® REALTOR® lockboxes. 

  1. Login to the REALTOR® Lockbox Website Site
  2. After logging in, Click the Listings tab
  3. Click the Grant SentriConnect Access option
  4. Enter the Grantee Email of the SentriConnect user you are granting access.
  5. Enter the Grantee Cell Phone of the SentriConnect user you are granting access.
  6. Click the Select button to open the Select Lockbox window. You can use the Select Lockbox window to select the lockbox serial number you want to grant access. You can also select “Location” from the search field to search for the property you want to grant access.
    Important: The lockbox must be assigned to a property to grant access. If the lockbox you have chosen is not assigned you will receive “Lockbox must be assigned to a property to grant access via SentriConnect.)
  7. Select the Start Time by selecting the starting date and starting time.
  8. Select the End Time by selecting the ending date and ending time.
    Note: The End Time cannot start before the Start Time. If you End Time is earlier than your Start Time you will receive “End time must be later than start time”.)
  9. Select Save Changes when all required fields have been completed.
  10. You will receive “SentriConnect Access Successfully Created
    Note: If the user you are granting access for does not have an existing SentriConnect account they will receive an invite to join SentriConnect at the email address you supplied during the grant process.
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