Grant the most secure temporary access in the industry.


Easy. Safe. Secure. Access for every situation.

Got a contractor, painter, or other third-party person who needs temporary access to a listing? No problem. You can easily provide trackable, time-specific access using FlexCodes™ – the most versatile controlled access technology.

FlexCodes™ are a robust replacement for SentriLock’s One Day Codes and Contractor Codes. Each assigned code is logged and tracked in the lockbox for future review. Generated codes are instantly available on the lockbox and expire automatically, so you can “set it and forget it.”


Industry-Best Access Control with FlexCodes™

  • Grant access for any future date and range from 30 minutes to 31 days, starting and ending on any hour or half-hour.
  • Generate up to four unique FlexCodes™ with identical start and end times with independent access history tracking.
  • Assign up to 16 FlexCodes™ with overlapping active time periods for use on a single lockbox at one time.
  • Designate FlexCodes™ for key bin access and shackle release.