Commitment to Customer Support: 3 Ways SentriLock Supports REALTORS®

If REALTORS® know one thing, it’s that quality customer service is essential to the work they do each and every day. From working with clients and other REALTORS® to speaking with loan officers and property managers, every single day is jam-packed with interpersonal interactions that matter.

REALTORS® should expect the same high-quality customer service from their industry partners. That’s exactly why SentriLock prioritizes customer support – REALTORS® deserve the same care and support they consistently extend to others.

Here are three ways SentriLock supports REALTORS® that truly sets us apart:

1. Prioritizing Customer Support

Our internal recruiting and screening mechanisms have been put in place specifically to ensure that every Customer Experience Specialist we hire displays a high level of empathy for others. When REALTORS® contact us with questions, concerns, or support needs, our first priority is ensuring that they’re connected with someone who is not only equipped to respond to their needs, but also understanding of the urgency behind the request.

“We focus more on the customer experience than any other part of the customer transaction,” said SentriLock Customer Support Manager Greg Hortemiller. “While many other companies grade employees on the length of the call, which just incentivizes employees to do the bare minimum to address customer concerns before moving onto the next person, we prioritize issue resolution and customer satisfaction.

High standards for customer support department metrics

We consistently receive 80+ positive feedback comments from customers each day – but, in the event they’re ever unsatisfied, that’s a red flag we seek to address immediately.  SentriLock holds high standards for these department metrics, with a goal of 95% on Customer Satisfaction and 82% on 1st Call Resolution.  As long as each customer hangs up the phone happily, we’re happy.”

SentriLock is committed not just to customer service “transactions” but building relationships with our customers to ensure they have the best experience possible. SentriLock customer Larry Landry, administrative executive of Four County Board of REALTORS®, shared, “I think the best word to describe our relationship with SentriLock is: team. They’ve taken us in and treated us as part of the SentriLock family. All of our agents and users have come to rely on the fact that the product is good, but if they have any problems or issues, they can make one phone call and get support instantly.”

2. Listening to Customer Voices

Regularly capturing customer feedback along every step of our journey with them is something SentriLock’s Customer Support team prioritizes. If we feel we’ve hit the mark, but the REALTORS® we work with don’t feel the same, are we really performing at the highest standard of excellence? No, said SentriLock Director of Customer Success Rob Tipton.

Surveys help measure customer satisfaction

“We consistently send out surveys to members and customers to capture their unique voices and make sure we really are meeting and exceeding expectations the way we always strive to do,” he said. “We use data to track progress toward satisfaction at specific points in the customer’s journey with us.”

“SentriLock’s surveys capture Net Promoter Scores, customer satisfaction with products and services, comfortability with our lockboxes, and more.  “This feedback provides us with valuable information that helps us make improvements to both our product and our customer service.”

3. Working Tirelessly Toward Innovation

When SentriLock adds new innovations and updates, our primary focus is ensuring a seamless customer experience. RAYAC Executive Officer Shanna Terrroso, a longtime SentriLock customer, commented, “In 2018, we made the decision to upgrade from the Gen 1 and Gen 2 lockboxes to the brand new Bluetooth® lockboxes for our association. I can tell you that I have not experienced a smoother upgrade and conversation than what we experienced with SentriLock. The training and upgrade to those boxes could not have gone any better.”

Feedback powers new innovation to make customer support better

Whether it’s a system, a tool, or technology, there can be no progress without innovation. The Customer Support team is constantly receptive to customer feedback – and that feedback powers new innovations that make SentriLock services even better.

“Using the data captured through those customer surveys, we identify areas of success and areas of opportunity,” said Tipton. “There are always new ways to improve customer experiences on our end or on theirs, and the data we receive consistently powers our drive to make changes that will make REALTORS’® lives and jobs easier. After all, that’s what SentriLock’s chief aim is: safe, secure interactions with our technology that support their daily work with clients.”