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National Association of REALTORS® Conference & Expo

November 13 – 16

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At SentriLock, we strive to provide exceptional customer service and superior products.

Beyond our state-of-the-art lockboxes and the technology that supports them, we offer an invaluable – though sometimes overlooked – benefit to our Customers. These tools come in a wide variety of metrics, analytics and visual data that provide vital insight into understanding your business, agents and SentriLock products and their usage.

By simply logging into the SentriLock Lockbox Website, Administrators can view a variety of reports, with corresponding charts and graphs providing metric analytics. This data reveals a snapshot of system activities month-by-month and over the past year. It can be used for internal decision-making, training, comparisons, presentations and more.

Here is a brief description of some of the various reports available:


This analysis shows how agents are opening SentriLock lockboxes: by SentriCard®, Bluetooth® access, the SentriSmartTM Mobile App or One Day Codes. Reviewing this data can help determine how agents are accessing lockboxes in your area. This report will also help you track the adoption of the SentriSmartTM Mobile App and the usage of One Day Codes.


This data set demonstrates speed of access reporting for a Customer compared to the national average. This information will help you analyze how quickly your listing agents are notified of a showing and can solicit feedback to help progress their sales process.


This report details SentriLock’s customer service center’s average speed of answering calls. It is a phenomenal tool to track how quickly SentriLock is able to provide your agents answers when they call our support center.


This set of data compares the total access by month. The National Association of REALTORS® uses it to compile a foot traffic report that predicts home sales for the next quarter. Examination of these numbers can lead to specific insights about trends in your area!


CRM Spotlight

“Providing outstanding customer focus is one of our guiding values at SentriLock, and, as such, at the heart of everything we do. Each month, we’d like to honor one of our dedicated and professional Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) who contribute to making our customer service the best in the business.”
–Scott Richardson, General Manager at SentriLock, LLC


Customer Relationship Manager, Erika Tirey, has been with SentriLock for five years. Her success during her short time in the company demonstrates SentriLock’s commitment to investing in employees and promoting from within whenever possible.

Erika started with SentriLock as a level one customer service representative, worked her way up to floor supervisor and then to her present position as a CRM. In her current role as a CRM, Erika is the day-to-day point person for member Association administrators.

Erika was attracted to SentriLock for its reputation for being a values-driven, mission-oriented, yet fun, place to work.

“I had several friends who were working at SentriLock and really loved it,” she says. “Working somewhere where everyone believes in their mission, vision, products, and service is the key to having a happy and satisfying career. I’m glad I found that here at SentriLock.”

According to Erika, exceptional customer service is a value that is incorporated into every facet of the organization. “Our priority is our customers. We make sure they are satisfied, and we are delivering the utmost service to them every day.”


SentriLock also knows how to have some fun, often while doing well on behalf of local charities. Erika recalls a couple of her favorite activities on the job, including a celebratory pie in the face for General Manager, Scott Richardson, from Human Resources Director, Geri Morgan, when the company’s canned food drive goal was met on Pi Day (March 14th). “It was hilarious, and we even captured this epic event with a slow-motion video posted on Instagram,” she shares.


Erica predicts continued innovation, adding of new products and systems to meet the needs of customers in an ever-
changing world: “The job never gets boring because it is always adapting to new concepts and ideas to make things more efficient and effective.”

Thank You Erika for your dedication & service to SentriLock.

September 2015


1. SentriLock lockboxes only have 1 motor. If the shackle will not release from the lockbox, attempt to see if the key compartment will open or vice versa.

2. SentriLock designed the lockbox to be weatherproof but it is not designed to be submerged in liquid. Mount the lockbox in a location that will ensure it is not submerged if localized flooding occurs. For example, do not put the lockbox down into a window well or a flower pot. Do not leave the lockbox lying flat or almost flat unless it is in a protected location.

3. Do not leave the key compartment of a SentriLock lockbox open during inclement weather. This will prevent anything from getting inside the lockbox and internally damaging it.

See Us at this Year’s 2015 REALTORS® Meetings & Trade Expo – Booth #510

The 2015 REALTORS® Trade Expo features the latest in real estate products and services from industry-leading companies. There is something for every REALTOR®.

Leadership Summit

Join us at the 2015 Leadership Summit with the National Association of REALTORS® President, Tom Salomone, on August 10-11, 2015. It will be located in Chicago at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. The Leadership Summit unites the Chief Staff Executives of state and local organizations, combined with their Presidents-Elect.

The Leadership Summit presents everyone with the opportunity to make long-lasting networking relationships in the REALTOR® Association Community. It is also a vital time for staff, volunteers, and leaders to initiate plans for the upcoming year. This conference equips leaders with immense motivation and inspiration.

SentriLock will have a table set up for you to visit. It is our pleasure to assist you with any questions or needs you may have. We are ecstatic to speak with you there!

May 2015

1. The batteries in the NXT/NXT Wireless and the Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox last up to 6 years, depending upon climate, storage and use.

2. SentriLock designed the lockbox to be weather-proof, but it is not designed to be submerged in liquid. Mount the lockbox in a location that will ensure it is not submerged if localized flooding occurs. For example, do not put the lockbox down into a window well or a flower pot.

3. Visit SentriLock University or the Support tab on the Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox Website in order to learn about SentriLock. For additional learning resources, look at any of the following:

• System Guide
• The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox Getting Started Guide
• The Lockbox NXT Getting Started Guide
• The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox Association Guide
• The Event Tracker Guide
• The RAD Getting Started Guide
• The Battery Replacement Guide
• SentriLock Handouts

4. When releasing the shackle, press the shackle and the lockbox together during the triple beeps (after pressing FUNC + 1 + ENT). This will help relieve the tension caused by the weight of the lockbox. Make sure to hold on to the lockbox as the shackle will completely release from the lockbox. This will ensure the lockbox does not get damaged by falling to the ground.

July 2015


1. After replacing the batteries in the NXT and The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox, keep the key compartment open and go through the steps of opening the door to ensure the motor turns and the lockbox has power before actually closing the door.

2. If using a one day code or a mobile access code and the lockbox does not respond by pressing the ENT button on the lockbox keypad, insert a plastic card such as a credit card or driver’s license into the card slot on the lockbox. This will wake the lockbox up. Once the lockbox wakes up, remove the card from the box, press the ENT button on the keypad, and use the code as normal.

3. If you have trouble at the lockbox, call SentriLock Support for troubleshooting instead of the lockbox owner. Often times, SentriLock Support can help you resolve the issue or assist you in getting access to the lockbox. You can reach SentriLock Support at 513-618-5800.

4. If you do not like your current PIN (Personal Identification Number), you can change it using the SentriCard® Utility and a SentriCard® Reader. You must log into this software at a computer and click on the Change PIN icon.

6 Distinct Advantages of the SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox / SentriSmartTM Mobile App

The SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox and the SentriSmartTM Mobile App provide secure, easy mobile lockbox access with a host of tools and benefits for REALTORS®. The new Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox offers a variety of features, including opening the key compartment, releasing the shackle, and loading your personal settings onto lockboxes using only your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the app provides useful real-time reports and data that can be utilized to request immediate feedback on showings or provide a secure one-day access code, increasing showings and closings. The downloadable document will provide an overview of the benefits and features of the Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox and SentriSmartTM App, including its distinct advantages for both showing and listing agents, as well as a summary of potential upgrade scenarios for current SentriLock customers.