SNEAK PEEK – Agent Safety Lockbox Feature


“Like most jobs that require interacting with the public, selling real estate involves some level of risk,” said NAR President Tom Salomone, broker-owner of Real Estate II Inc. in Coral Springs, Florida. “NAR is committed to protecting our members and making sure they have the resources and education to keep themselves safe and secure on the job.”

NAR’s 2016 Member Safety Report surveyed over 3,000 members about how safe they feel while on the job, their personal experiences, and the safety procedures and materials provided by their brokerage and found that 95 percent of surveyed members have never been the victim of a crime while working as a real estate professional. Sixty-one percent of respondents say they have never been in a situation that made them fear for their personal safety or the safety of their personal information; however, 46 percent of female REALTORS® report that they have found themselves in such a situation. The most common circumstances that resulted in fearful situations were open houses, showing vacant and model homes, working with properties that were unlocked or unsecured and showing properties in remote areas.

SentriLock is always looking for ways to provide additional benefits and security to those using our system. We are very pleased to announce our latest development, a new safety feature that helps protect each one of our SentriSmart™ Mobile App users.

This new feature is called the Agent Safety feature and was designed to proactively promote safety. This new, straightforward and automated function will allow users to keep their regular processes to access Agent Safety. After opening a lockbox via the SentriSmart™ Mobile App, agents will be prompted to confirm they are safe. If for some reason, the agent cannot confirm their safety, the system will automatically communicate that status and their location to their designated emergency contact(s) to inform them of the agent’s status.

Agent safety is a priority for SentriLock, so offering a solution that can provide both the agent and their families with a greater peace of mind makes these updates very worthwhile. We understand that when you need help, you can’t always ask for it. To make this feature useful, we had to take this into account. With this new feature, if a need ever does arise where an agent cannot acknowledge the SentriSmart™ confirmation of their safety, Agent Safety will automatically communicate status on their behalf, with no involvement on the agent’s part.

This opt-in service will officially be released on October 12th, 2016. To access this new feature, users will simply need to visit Settings in the SentriSmart™ Mobile App to turn on the service and designate emergency contacts that should be notified.

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Meet Annette Sheffler, Customer Relationship Manager


Sometimes solutions can’t be created by a computer software system and require human thought—that’s where Annette Sheffler and her innovative thinking come in handy. In October of 2014, SentriLock welcomed Annette aboard as our new Customer Relationship Manager. In only two short years, Annette has managed to create strong, happy relationships with her customers by providing exceptional service and plenty of useful experience. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate Annette and all she does to help SentriLock function productively and exceptionally well.

Before coming to SentriLock, Annette worked for 29 years in sales and real estate. This professional experience allowed Annette to learn how to forge robust and solid relationships with her customers. Today, she uses her past experience to work closely with her customers, understand what their needs are, and to provide good service as well as good experience. What makes Annette truly special is the fact that she finds inspiration for her work by thinking outside the box in order to help her customers.

“I like to think of new or different ways to help solve an issue for my customers,” shared Annette. “I’ve been called ‘The Work-Around Queen’ on numerous occasions because I thrive when its time to work around an obstacle or approach a situation in a different light. It’s very rewarding when I am able to work this way and arrive at a solution—making people happy is the gratifying part of my job.”

At SentriLock, we give Light Bulb Awards for what we call Smart Ideas, a part of our innovation initiative. Recently, Annette solved an issue that had to do with data processing errors. She worked closely with our tech support team to create a dashboard that allows everyone at SentriLock to see which customer processes are running correctly and which ones have encountered errors. This way, we are able to identify issues long before customers even have to worry about them. We were proud to award Annette a Light Bulb Award for her innovative, forward thinking in creating this new function.

As one of SentriLock’s remote workers, Annette works out of her home-based office in Roberts, Wisconsin. She works with a variety of SentriLock customers in Canada, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, and Minnesota, and enjoys traveling to spend face-time with these customers as well as getting the opportunity to explore new parts of the world.

Annette resides in Roberts with her two children and husband, Brad. She is originally from northern Michigan and her husband comes from Florida. Their goal is to eventually move south to a warmer climate, so they may take advantage year-round of their favorite hobby: boating! Annette and her family spend most of their free time, weather permitting, boating on their 38-foot sea race cruiser and two smaller boats. Every weekend in the summer, the Sheffler family can be found relaxing in the sun and cruising around on their boat.

SentriLock is very happy to have you on the team, Annette! We’re looking forward to many more years to come with you on board, thinking outside the box, and building rapport with SentriLock customers.

Tips & Tricks

When trying to use a code at a SentriLock lockbox without a SentriCard®, press the ENT button multiple times to have the Lockbox react before typing in the code.

When using the SentriCard® Utility 4.x, use the Set Lockbox Clock feature after changing the Lockbox battery. This must be done at a computer with the SentriCard® Utility 4.x installed

The command to remove the shackle using a SentriCard® resets the lockbox to its default settings. If you are going to enable special or customized modes on the lockbox, it is best to remove the shackle before doing so.

SentriSmart™ & RPR: Better Together

We are proud to introduce our new SentriSmart™ integration with RPR—a new feature in the Mobile App that will allow you to easily access all the detailed listing information you need. With this new function, REALTORS® will have the option to read property data immediately when the SentriLock lockbox key door opens. REALTORS® will have the ability to access critical and helpful information needed to conduct their business within seconds.

Ready to try out the new SentriSmart™ function? In order to enable your Listing Detail Integration program to work seamlessly with SentriSmart™, visit the Settings tab within the SentriSmart™ App. Check that the Enable Listing Detail Integration toggle is enabled, or green. From there, you may select the Listing Detail Integration program you wish to use.

After enabling the Listing Detail Integration, go to your Properties list and select the listing you would like to use the RPR function with. Enter your PIN when prompted, then press Open. The RPR Listing Detail Integration prompt will appear on your screen—select View Property Details and you will be redirected to the property details page in the RPR App.

This new function is available NOW within the SentriSmart™ Mobile App! Try it for yourself by downloading it from your iTunes or Google Play.

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DOWNLOAD PDF to learn more.

Look for SentriLock at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo!

SentriLock is thrilled to be a featured exhibitor at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo on May 11-12th in Washington, D.C. The Trade Expo is an exciting event for the real estate industry, featuring the latest in services and products from industry-leading companies. The SentriLock Team is looking forward to spending plenty of time with Expo attendees, sharing information about new and improved features available through the SentriSmart™ Mobile App. We’ll be excited to hear from this year’s attendees on how we can better meet their needs and provide solutions in the best possible way.

A team of thirteen enthusiastic and knowledgeable SentriLock representatives will be at the Trade Expo. We’re incredibly proud of our entire SentriLock Team and believe our people will make our booth stand out. These thirteen team members will represent a mix of different roles from within SentriLock, showcasing a wide variety of expertise and ensuring we will be able to address all questions with thoughtful answers. Those representing SentriLock will include our CEO and leader, Scott Fisher; General Manager, Scott Richardson; National Sales and Marketing Manager, Greg Sheldon; Manager of Customer Care and Retention, Rob Tipton; Regional Director of Sales, Kim Roller-Hoereth; Regional Director of Sales, James Reynolds; Regional Director of Sales, John Warner; Account Manager, Rachel LeClaire; Account Manager, Dan Kinzie; Customer Relationship Manager, Erika Tirey; Customer Relationship Manager, Andrew Bockelman; Sales and Marketing Representative, Brett Jones; and, Marketing and Graphic Design Specialist, Julia Robinson.

To kick things off, SentriLock will be hosting a Pre-Expo Reception on Tuesday, May 10th from 5:30-6:30 PM so Expo attendees may mix and mingle with the SentriLock representatives, and enjoy cocktails and appetizers. This SentriLock Reception will take place in the beautiful Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Mezzanine Level, Wilson Room C. Don’t forget to register at .

Also, be sure to stop by Booth #510 and say hello to your friends at SentriLock!


Meet Jen Crail, Customer Relationship Manager

pictureIt’s time to shine the spotlight on our wonderful and talented Customer Relationship Manager, Jen! Jen joined the SentriLock team seven years ago, starting as a Customer Service Rep, then transitioning to Floor Lead, and finally landing her present role as a CRM in October of 2015. Jen is a 2012 Platinum Service Award Recipient. This is an honor awarded to those that go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. As a CRM, Jen is a go-to person for our customers to reach out to when they are having an issue or need a question answered. “I love being able to build relationships with my customers,” Jen said. “I love that I get to talk with people each day and create close-knit relationships with them. I really enjoy connecting with everyone on a personal level and getting to know them beyond just business.” SentriLock believes it’s of the utmost importance for our CRMs to be passionate about their jobs, and Jen fully encompasses that. She regularly goes above and beyond in order to help her customers, to develop trusting relationships with them, and is a pro at thinking innovatively and outside the box in order to solve issues.

In addition to being awesome at her job, Jen is also a wonderful co-worker. SentriLock places a lot of emphasis on growing a positive company culture, and Jen supports that as one of our SentriSocial Committee members. As a member, she takes part in brainstorming and planning what kind of company events will take place each year. She also is our resident sweet-tooth satisfier. Jen loves to bake and bring all kinds of goodies to the SentriLock office, such as mouth-watering peanut butter pies and her trademark Fruity Pebbles cookies. None of her treats seem to linger in our kitchen for very long.

Jen is looking forward to many more years to come at SentriLock, and is excited to continue to grow not only in personality, but also within the company. Jen admits to being a quiet, soft-spoken person before she took the CRM role, and was happy to realize that the role has forced her to become more outspoken and comfortable with getting to know people on a personal level. Way to go, Jen! We’re so happy you’re a part of the SentriLock family.

Tips & Tricks

SentriCards® are an important tool for the SentriLock System. Be sure to complete your SentriCard® Reader renewal accurately so you don’t risk corrupting any information. Although it’s not always easy to see, any dirt on a microchip could prevent information from transmitting correctly to the SentriCard®.

If you are using the SentriSmart™ Mobile App, be sure to keep your SentriCard® handy at all times, even if it’s expired. This is just an added tool to ensure you never miss a showing!

January 2016


  1. When trying to use a code at a SentriLock lockbox without a SentriCard®, press the ENT button multiple times to get the lockbox to react before typing in the code.
  2. The command to remove the shackle using a SentriCard® resets the lockbox to its default settings. If you are going to enable special or customized modes on the lockbox, it is best to remove the shackle prior to enabling them.
  3. Using the SentriCard® is similar to accessing an ATM. You put your SentriCard® into the lockbox and identify yourself by typing in your PIN, then press ENT. After this, you will see the READY light. At this point, the lockbox is awaiting your command. Removing your SentriCard® after you input your PIN is a shortcut to open the key compartment.


“Providing outstanding customer focus is one of our guiding values at SentriLock, and, as such, at the heart of everything we do. Each month, we’d like to honor one of our dedicated and professional Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) who contribute to making our customer service the best in the business.”
                                 – Scott Richardson, General Manager at SentriLock, LLC

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.15.30 PMIn the ten years that Nate Winston has been with SentriLock, he has seen the company transform from its infancy stage to the multinational corporation it is today. Beginning with the company as a level one support technician, Nate has worked his way up through the ranks, and now serves as a Customer Relationship Manager, including working with clients in Europe.

“As a Customer Relationship Manager, I wear a lot of hats,” Nate says. “I talk with the customers on a daily basis, and serve as their personal advocate.” He says the skills he’s developed as a CRM have made him not only better at his job, but also as a presenter and overall communicator.

“I need to adapt my communication skills for each customer, because they’re all different,” he remarks. “Our product is being used differently in the European market. Even though I have great product knowledge from being with the company for ten years, I have to adjust applications for the way my customers are using the product, including applications in healthcare and other emerging markets.”

Nate values the investment and dedication SentriLock shows to its employees, including their on-site gym, generous 401(K) and PTO programs, which benefit not only the staff, but their families as well.

When he’s not working, Nate enjoys traveling and helping people in need through missionary work. He has voyaged to Trinidad and will be visiting Costa Rica this year. He enjoys learning about and trying different beers and can often be found spending weekends on underground tours in Cincinnati with his wife and friends, learning about the brewing process and tasting a few samples. On a recent customer visit to Portland, he was able to use his down time to tour Rogue Brewery Company that even had a beer named “Nate.”

As for his future, Nate looks forward to growing and advancing his career in a SentriLock corporate culture that values promoting from within. “I want to continue to work on the quality of innovation, growing my career and the company by focusing on the customers in different markets and learning even more ways our product can be utilized,” he says. “SentriLock continues to encourage growth and advancement in its employees and provides opportunities to develop the necessary skills and qualifications. I am looking forward to an amazing future.”

Thank You Nate for your dedication & service to SentriLock.


SentriLock highly values the importance of giving back to the local community. During 2015, SentriLock was involved in several efforts to support our local areas. Through these efforts, we were able to strengthen the bond among team members, grow in new experiences, and give much needed support to charitable organizations and to the individuals who rely on them.

SentriLock donated several needed items to charities across the Tri-State over the past year. The Mason Food Pantry received over 300 canned food items for the Pi Day Canned Food Drive, cleaning supplies and over the counter medications for the Giving Drive, and a van valued at $2,400. Dayton organization Shoes 4 The Shoeless and West Chester organization Shoes for H.O.P.E. received donated socks and shoes. SentriLock also sponsored the Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty “Steak & Burger Dinner” and the Club Kids’ Holiday Party.

All SentriLock employees have a company sponsored benefit of Volunteer Time Off to either use to volunteer their time at a local charity or to have SentriLock donate the cash equivalent. In 2015, SentriLock employees impacted our community with this benefit by volunteering at various charitable organizations for 52 hours, donating 32 hours to Susan G Komen for the Cure, 48 hours to Habitat for Humanity, 48 hours to Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty, and 76 hours to the South Carolina chapter of the Red Cross.

We would like to extend a very big thank you to all our employees for logging time and donating money to these wonderful organizations. All of us at SentriLock are very excited to see how much more we can give back to our local communities in 2016!