System Configuration Form

Thank you for choosing SentriLock. The following form collects information regarding your set up in the SentriLock Lockbox Website. Your Project Manager, or designee, will work with you to select appropriate, effective and user friendly settings for use with the Lockbox System.

General Information
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Initial Hardware Requirements

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Lockbox Ownership, Broker and Team Member Sharing
Consider how your Members will utilize the lockboxes, who owns the asset, and if Agents will either own boxes, borrow from the Association, their Broker or a Team Member. Agents who borrow lockboxes (from the Association, Broker or a Team Member) use their own codes and settings on the borrowed lockbox.
SentriCard® Smart Cards

A Call Before Showing code (CBS code) can be required for access to the lockbox in addition to the SentriCard® and PIN. Typically this is used for special listings or circumstances. Your Members can turn this on at the Agent Default Lockbox Settings window.


Card Authorization Renewal System (CARS)
CARS is an automated system members can use to retrieve renewal codes, 1 day codes and contractor codes.Renewal codes allow the member to renew their expired SentriCard® at a lockbox. Members can use up to three (3) CARS renewal codes per month. These codes allow the card to be used for the remainder of that day. Members can use all three (3) renewals codes in a row (a new code can be generated for three days in row) if necessary.If the Association/Board allows its members to use 1 day codes, or contractor codes, members will be able to retrieve these codes via the CARS system and SentriLock Support.


Lockbox Access

SentriSmart™ is a mobile application, allowing access to a lockbox key compartment with the use of a mobile access code instead of a SentriCard®. All members that are valid card holders have the ability to download SentriSmart™ to their smartphone.

SentriSmart™ can only be installed and used on one device at a time. To assist in monitoring the registration of devices, a registration limitation will be set at up to eight (8) devices. Each time a member registers a new device or switches between devices, this uses a registration. Once the registration limitation is reached, the member can no longer register another device without assistance from the Association or Board administrator.

Cardless Access
Cardless access occurs with either a 1 Day Code or a Contractor Code. If the Association/Board allows 1 Day Codes or Contractor Codes, listing Agents can retrieve these codes online, using our SentriSmart™ app, over the phone using CARS or our Support Department, and on the mobile website.


1 Day Codes are unique by lockbox, and expire 60 minutes after first use. Agents can expand this time to as long as 4 hours or reduce this time to as short as 30 minutes. To generate a 1 Day Code, the lockbox must be assigned to a listing and the person generating the 1 Day Code must fill in the Assigned To field.
If a lockbox is in Contractor Mode, the Contractor Code adheres to lockbox access times and showing Agents will still be able to access the lockbox. Contactor Mode is cleared from the lockbox when the shackle is released.
Release/Reset/Remove from the Listing
Once the shackle is released from the lockbox, all custom settings by the Agent are restored to the default lockbox settings.
Power of the Card, Surveys and Showing Feedback Features
Lockbox System Notifications

The SentriLock Lockbox System will send the following notifications to your members via email:

  • Showing Notifications – can be customized to be sent at a specific time each day and as a text message to a cell phone.
  • Low Battery Notification – are sent to the Listing Agent, if not listed to the Lockbox Owner or current Borrower.
  • Card Expiration Notification – If the SentriCard® Renewal Period is set to 3 or more days, members will receive this notice.
Codes discussed on this form can be generated using the following four (4) resources: SentriLock Website, SentriLock Mobile Website, Card Authorization Renewal System (CARS), and SentriLock Support.