Top real estate producers achieve their success by devoting more of their time to selling. What do they know and do that other real estate professionals don’t? Simply put, they’ve learned to focus their efforts on the most important part of the real estate cycle – the client experience. Sounds great, right? But, how are top producers actually able to devote more of their time to selling?

Technology to the Rescue
Here’s their secret: They’ve learned to focus on what matters most – delivering great experiences for their buyers and sellers – by leveraging mobile-friendly technology solutions for administrative tasks. Here are five areas in which technology helps producers stay organized and remain customer-centric in an ever-changing environment.

1. Managing showings and appointments.
Efficiency is vital to top producers’ success, especially when it comes to managing appointments and showings on the go. Automating these most basic, yet critical, tasks saves time and keeps them organized, which enables them to be more productive.

2. Communicating effectively with clients.
Top producers rely on one central platform for communicating with clients. It’s more efficient than using multiple channels, and it ensures that everyone knows where to send or receive messages. This can make all the difference when buying or selling in a competitive market.

3. Getting instant access to market data.
Whether they’re assessing a listing price or helping a client navigate a hot market, top producers depend on instant access to market data and information. On-target data provides them with the information to direct their client’s journey successfully.

4. Keeping a busy day on track and adjusting their schedule as needed.
Circumstances change not only because properties quickly come on and go off the market, but because of clients’ changing preferences and availability. Top producers pivot quickly and seamlessly. Automated showing rescheduling when a listing on a scheduled itinerary goes pending prevents wasted time and inefficient gaps in their day’s showing schedule. Likewise, an automated reminder that lets agents know when it’s nearly time to leave for their next appointment – factoring in drive time and traffic from their current location – ensures that they keep their day on track.

5. Leveraging a property access solution.
Effective property access management is key – literally – to efficiency and reliability. Top producers use electronic lockboxes that interface with their mobile devices to quickly and easily assign and unassign a lockbox; access the key; receive instant notifications when a property is accessed; schedule secure temporary access for out-of-area agents and vendors; and more.


SentriKey Showing Service®: The First and Only Combined Solution
These five solutions – and more – can all be found in SentriKey Showing Service®, the first and only combined solution for managing showings, client communication, and property access. SentriKey Showing Service™ revolutionizes the real estate professionals’ world – and provides a path to top-producer success.

It’s a complete showing service built to help agents become top producers. With just one app, agents can find appropriate properties, send them to their client, schedule showings, build a daily itinerary, plan the driving route, review the properties’ listing details, open the lockboxes at the showings, view showing instructions and property details, solicit client feedback, rate the properties, and more.

By leveraging state-of-the art technologies on one cloud-based platform, SentriKey Showing Service® provides an easy-to-use, powerful, and mobile-friendly solution. And, it’s integrated with the MLS tools that agents rely upon today. It’s designed to skyrocket the success of real estate professionals by helping them stay organized, spend more time selling, and deliver exceptional experiences to buyers and sellers.