Happy new year! Are you ready to hit the ground running and make 2021 your most successful and profitable year yet? We’re here to help! SentriLock’s SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app provides you with lots of easy-to-use features designed to maximize your efficiency for property access management.

Here are five super-simple (often-overlooked) but powerful ways you can streamline and automate your efforts so you can focus on what really matters: spending more time selling and delivering great experiences to your clients.

1 Travel with the mobile equivalent of an “heir and a spare.”
Did you get a new tablet or smartphone as a gift or year-end tax write-off? You can easily switch between devices after registering the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app on your new one. (Note: Registration limits may be set by your MLS/association.) This is especially helpful if you’re meeting with a client and discover that your primary device needs to be recharged or you’ve left it at your office. It’s also a good idea to have designated chargers for both your vehicle and your office.

2 Set up Touch ID or facial recognition for efficient logins.
Let’s face it … You’ve got enough things on your mind without having to remember one more PIN or password. Save time and effort by simplifying the login process while ensuring secure access. Click here to learn how to enable Touch ID.

3 Easily connect to designated data partners for complete listing details and more efficient showings.
Our Property Data Integration feature in the SentriKey® Real Estate app let you transition seamlessly into third-party apps to access all the detailed listing information you need, which saves time and effort. Our integration partners are RPR, HomeSpotter, Homesnap, and Matrix. Watch for additional integration partners this year!

Here’s how to access: From the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the app, tap My Settings > Listing Detail Integration. Slide the Listing Detail Integration node on, and then choose a listing detail service.

4 Automate showing instructions so you don’t have to communicate them yourself to every showing agent.
Every seller has a list of requests and instructions when it comes to showing their home, and rightly so. From “Don’t open the gate; the dog is in the back yard” to “Please remove your shoes,” instructions and alarm code information need to be communicated in advance to showing agents. The SentriKey® Real Estate app lets you automate this information and its delivery to showing agents, which removes it from your to-do list.

Here’s how to set up showing instructions: From the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the app, tap My Lockboxes > Property Access Settings > and then tap the desired property listing. You can then complete the Showing Instructions screen by selecting options from the Standard Instructions checklist (Knock First, Remove Shoes, Turn Off Lights, Lock Doors, Leave Card). You can also provide additional information and alarm instructions, including the alarm code.

5 Automate the homeowner notification process.
You don’t have to call or text your client to let them know a showing on their home has ended. As the listing agent, you can elect to have your client notified of the beginning and ending of showings of their home. This convenience means you have one less task to monitor and manage, and it enables your client to return home as soon as possible after a showing.

Here’s how to set up homeowner notifications: From the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the app, tap My Lockboxes > Property Access Settings > and then tap the desired property listing. Tap Next on the Showing Instructions screen. On the Homeowner Notifications screen, type in the requested information and then click Done.


Want an overview on how to use the app? Sign up for our App School, which will guide you through the process screen by screen.

Wishing you a safe, successful, and streamlined 2021!